Preserving the Heritage of Carriacou and Petite Martinique

Smoked Food or Saraka ...

The tradition of cooking food outside on 3 stones lives on ...

Maypole Dancing

Keeping the tradition of Maypole Dancing alive

Junior Shakespeare Mas

A young group from Mount Pleasant are working hard to keep the tradtion of Shakespeare Mas alive

Drumming the beat from the African ancestors

West African traditions are alive and well in the beat of the big drum

Dancing to the traditional African drum beat

Traditional dancers accompany the big drum beats

Unique Exhibitions

Our museum located on Paterson Street in Hillsborough has unique exhibitions telling the story of Carriacou from the early settlers to modern day living

Outreach Program

There is an active Outreach Program to bring history to the people of Carriacou through events such as regional meetings, film presentations and much more

Island Archaeology

Carriacou is an island of special interest to archaeologists from all over the world. Some of the aretefacts found date back thousands of years and are unique within the Caribbean region.

Membership or Donations

We are self-funded through membership and donations from the public and appreciate whatever assistance you can give.

Carriacou Historical Society - Tel: (1473) 443-8288