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Avante offers financial solutions to the Brazilian microentrepreneur


Forward Microcredit – Provide microcredit for small entrepreneurs : this is Avante’s mission. Building a personalized and respectful relationship with clients, the company has been standing out among the microcredit concession platforms in Brazil. If your dream is to enable, expand or restructure a business, be sure to read the information carefully.

Currently operating in more than 100 cities in 3 Northeastern states (Pernambuco, Maranhão and Ceará), Avante offers microcredit from R $ 400.00 to R $ 14,200.00 for all entrepreneurs who already have a business for at least one year. It is not necessary to have CNPJ, bank account or guarantor, which makes the process of obtaining credit much easier and possible. In other words, it works as a loan for entrepreneurs , but much more practical and easy to achieve.

Microcredit platforms and companies are gaining more and more space in our country due to the high interest rates and bureaucracy of the banks. With well thought out solutions, it is much easier to get money to invest in your business. Helping to change the reality of many Brazilian families, the company operates within states, peripheries, communities and rural areas, expanding the growth possibilities of those who need it most.


Know about Microcredit


Know about Microcredit


Avante is really a different company because it believes in the concept of humanizing any business, working on three important pillars: people, purpose and performance.

1 – People: Through the first pillar, seeks to maintain the constant motivation of its team, conducting surveys constantly to evaluate the degree of satisfaction of its employees.
2 – Purpose: Through the second pillar, more than 24 thousand entrepreneurs have already been transformed
3 – Performance: Finally, through the third pillar, the company works with all the forces to make small businesses financially viable throughout the country.

And of course, all of this has a direct impact on the life of the microentrepreneur who asks for a microcredit : interest rates are much lower than those charged by banks, bureaucracy is much smaller, credit application approval time is reduced, contact with the agents is closer and thus the results are more satisfactory in all respects.


How does Avante Microcredit work?


Know about Microcredit


The process of evaluating microcredit is fast and uncomplicated. Here’s how it works in 4 simple steps.

Step 1 – The microentrepreneur contacts Avante as preferred, and can be by SMS, WhatsApp or telephone.

Step 2 – Next, the microentrepreneur must wait for the contact of one of Avante’s agents. He will schedule a visit to get to know your business more closely, asking a series of important questions, listening to your ideas and plans, and clarifying all your questions.

Step 3 – After evaluating your business and your ideas, the agent will do a credit simulation and discuss the proposal with you. If you agree, your credit application is formalized!

Step 4 – The last step is credit analysis. If it is approved, an agent will personally come to you, carrying a contract for you to sign and also the tickets that you will have to pay in the following months. Immediately, the credit will be released to your account and you can start using the money to run your business.


Microcredit interest rates

Avante does not disclose on its website the interest rates applied on the credits granted, but it is known that they are lower than the banks. Once you get the loan, it is enough that the microentrepreneur keeps an eye on the organization of their accounts so as not to lose sight of the due date of their tickets.


Does Avante Microcredit really work?

Does Avante Microcredit really work?

Yes it works!

Many are the success stories of microentrepreneurs who have applied for individual credit and have thus changed the course of their lives and their business.

On the company’s website, more specifically on the stories page, you can check out many success stories like Raimundo Silva, owner of a butcher’s shop in Pacajus, Ceará, who lost a lot of money before getting to know Avante and now counts the company as a true partner.

Another inspiring story is that of Maria Lúcia Costa, from Maracanaú, also in Ceará, who is well known in her community for helping others, and today, with Avante’s partnership, she works with seams.


Other solutions of Avante microcredit

Other solutions of Avante microcredit

In addition to providing microcredit, Avante has two other solutions.

Forward Payments

Modernize your business by accepting credit card payments through a modern and secure solution: the Avante application. It works on most smartphones, it does not need a machine, it has no rental and it accepts the main cardboard flags.

Digital Account Forward

Digital account – A fully digital, transparent, honest, personal and friendly bank account for you to manage your financial life more easily and quickly, less bureaucracy, security and lower fees directly from your smartphone.

The solution will be available soon, but it is already possible to pre-register. By talking about digital account here in the blog you find articles about the digital account Crefisa, digital account nubank, Social bank digital account and digital account Banco Original.

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