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Fast loan continues to carry the burden of many years in their necks. In the past, the instant loan was not regulated in any way, and anyone could set up an instant lever company.

This was also quickly reflected in the emergence of players in the industry who were merely seeking the customer’s money. High-interest rates, complicated and illegal terms, and obscure recovery methods. At that time, the quick-release industry showed some nasty features.

Fortunately, things are better nowadays.

The Provincial Office oversees the issue of quick tips


The state intervened in the quick-release sector and placed the quick-release under strict regulation. In the future, any company providing instant nipples had to register as a lender in the Lender Register of the Regional Government Office.

There were a lot of other changes to the quickdraws, but one of the most important changes was the maximum amount that you could charge for the quick draw. The supervision of the disclosure of interest rate information was also intensified.

Nowadays, operations are well regulated and monitored. The Provincial Office continuously monitors the reporting and accuracy of express information.

Registered Lender

Registered Lender

Good Finance’s backing company, Lainasto Oy, is registered with the Southern Finland Regional Government Lender Register. This means that Good Finance is a reliable lender with whom you can rely on fair play.

Good Finance’s Flexibility Loan is slightly better than a quick draw, but its interest and other costs are nonetheless disclosed openly. The terms and conditions of the loan are always clearly displayed to ensure that the loan is granted safely.

So you can always be sure that everything goes well with Good Finance.

The low monthly interest rate and the clear terms make me happy

The low monthly interest rate and the clear terms make me happy

With Good Finance’s Flexibility Loan, you don’t have to worry about the familiar, enormous interest rates of the past. The Good Finance Flexibility Loan always gives a clear indication of interest rates, real interest rates, and nominal interest rates. As well as any loan costs.

In addition to these, of course, we also announce a monthly rate. Good Finance’s Flexible Loan has a monthly interest rate of only 5%, so it is extremely affordable.

So you really no longer have to worry about the bad reputation of instant messengers – after all, Flexibility is much better than instant messaging.

Instant Lovers have always been known for their easy search process. But in Good Finance, ease has been taken to a new level. A modern website is easy to use on any device and loan application is convenient from anywhere.

Today, every credible and registered lender must ensure the customer’s ability to repay the loan. Good Finance also respects this law. That’s why we ask each of our customers to provide confirmation of their earnings.

So it can be said that Flexicurity is the new, responsible future for instant lips.

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