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Igg Games

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Igg Games

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Paid Games VS Pirated Games

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Paid Games VS Pirated Games

This video shows a comparison between Paid games and Pirated games. (Based on my own opinion)

I just wanted to show you that pirating the game is not easy. Yes you can download and play it for free but there are many more problems that one experiences by pirating a game.

But still if you pirate games then that’s awesome. Not all the games are attached with virus. You are able to enjoy the game without paying.


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Paid Games VS Pirated Games
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Songs Used:-
• [No Copyright Music] Palm Beach – Peyruis
• Otis MacDonald – Joe Bagale [No Copyright Music]
• Hip_Bone (From Youtube Audio Library)
• End_Of_The_Rainbow (From Youtube Audio Library)
• Dog Park – Silent Partner
• Sour_Apples
• Le-Freak
• Darkdub
• Popping_Off_The_Rip
• Chunk
• Jim Yosef – Speed [NCS Release]


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