Walkthrough – Enter the Gungeon Guide


Walkthrough – Enter the Gungeon Guide

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Walkthrough – Enter the Gungeon Guide

Enter the Gungeon is a dungeon-crawler bullet hell game which means that the many chambers inside are randomly generated and as difficult as the genre implies.

10 Tips for Enter the Gungeon

After many hours playing this game by myself and with RivalPhoenix, there were a few things I’ve noticed that may come in handy for those who struggle with their Gungeon crawling adventures.
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00:00 – Introduction
00:55 – #1: Health that you can’t pick up can be saved for later.
01:11 – #2: You CAN put off the fire in the fireplace.
01:42 – #3: You don’t always have to reload your weapon to keep shooting.
01:57 – #4: Don’t be afraid of using your blanks.
02:03 – #5: ALWAYS shoot the chests once before opening them.
02:32 – #6: Destroy ALL the chests that you can’t or won’t open.
02:47 – #7: You can steal from the shopkeeper or any merchant by…
03:28 – #8: Do NOT shoot in the shop, unless you see the Clown Mask, Drill or Loot Bag.
03:57 – #9: Don’t pick up the Old Crest as soon as you find it. Fight the Blobulord first.
04:32 – #10: ‘Coolness’: The higher it is, the faster the cooldown of active items is.
05:26 – Ending

Music used in the screenshots reveal: The Flintstones (Genesis) – Boss Battle Theme

(Minor visual spoilers) Enter the Gungeon Beginner/Intermediate Tutorial


Minor spoilers guide to getting to know this fantastic game.

This guide is more suited for beginners that are just starting out:

Revisions to my script:

There are 5 secret floors.

Only smash chests if you aren’t flush with keys in the early part of the game.
Brown chests can provide more utility by giving you something in addition to the primary loot in the chest, like a key. For example: If I only have one key left after opening the higher quality chest room chest, and there is a Blue chest that spawned on a room clear, and a Brown chest in a chest room, I will open the Brown one first, even if I know it has a gun.
Something I don’t talk about in that tutorial is dodge rolling at a table and flipping it when you arrive.
You can link the invincibility of the dodge roll directly to the table flip making you invincible for a while.
Also, tables are often placed a dodge roll apart so you can enter a room and dodge roll at a table, flip it, dodge roll at another table, and flip the next one.
There are rooms where this is really useful, especially when you are under powered. Being able to position yourself in the room and also create extra cover reduces the chance you will get pinned under fire. Unlock the magic of retro gaming with sonic the hedgehog 3 emulator games selection.

Here is the text for my upcoming tutorial video:

Movement and Damage Mitigation:

Weapons and Items:


Enter the Gungeon 2020 Beginners Guide- Tips and Tricks to Beat the Game

Another of my favorite roguelites, although different than FTL, this game has many of the same mechanics that make the game a fun and challenging experience for new players.