Transferring Characters to PS4 or Xbox One – Destiny Guide


Transferring Characters to PS4 or Xbox One – Destiny Guide

Feb 26, 2022 Uncategorized by admin

Transferring Characters to PS4 or Xbox One – Destiny Guide

This page details how to transfer Destiny character information from Xbox 360/PS3 consoles to Xbox

One ‘Settings’ Change that Improved my Game the Most (Destiny 2)

Here’s 1 change I made to my in-game settings in Destiny 2 that probably improved my PvP gameplay the most – at least in terms of my primary shot improving. I feel these are the Best PC settings for me! Dive into retro gaming heaven with collection of zx online spectrum games.
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Destiny 2 | How To Activate CrossSave For Your Account – Cross Platform Save Guide

Today is the day! Account Cross-Save has finally gone live for Destiny 2! This means that no matter the platform you play on, you can play with the same character anywhere! ie. If you’ve got an Xbox character, you can now use that character on both PS4 and PC as well! In this video we walk you through the step to activate cross-save on your account, how to pick a primary set of characters to activate, and what exactly is transferred with these new universal accounts! If you’ve got any questions please feel free to ask me in the comments!

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Destiny 2 Cross Save Explained Further / Questions Answered

Need Cross Save with Destiny 2 explained a little further? Here’s some answered questions to get you prepared for Shadowkeep and New Light. Remember to watch through to see if your question has been answered!

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