Undercity – Star Wars: KOTOR Guide


Undercity – Star Wars: KOTOR Guide

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Undercity – Star Wars: KOTOR Guide

As soon as you go to disembark off of the elevator and enter the Undercity, a few thugs try to tell you that they want 5 Credits from you for using the

Star Wars: KOTOR – Meeting Canderous Ordo in the Undercity.

This is the second time meeting Canderous Ordo and this time the scout and Carth fight alongside the legendary Mandalorian mercenary against the Rakghouls. After the fight, Ordo answers some questions and then moves his men out of the Undercity.

KOTOR Combat Mechanics Guide

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Here’s a guide to give you an understanding on the combat mechanics used in KOTOR 1 and KOTOR 2. Hopefully this helps! Check out my second video on damage mechanics as well!

P.S. Feel free to play this back at half speed, sorry if I talk too fast 🙂

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Attributes: 1:33
Attribute Modifiers: 3:06
Attack Modifiers: 4:06
Chance to Hit Calculation: 7:45
Defense Calculation: 9:47
Armor Restriction and Lightsaber Mechanics: 10:51
Saving Throws: 15:00
Skill Checks: 18:29
Critical Rolls: 19:58
FAQ’s, Myths, and Hot Takes: 24:01

[11] Knights of the Old Republic – Taris Undercity (Light Side Walkthrough)

I learn Undercity is infested with Rakghouls and outcasts are suffering with poverty. I receive Rukil’s Apprentice & Infected Outcasts quests.

I go beyond the gate to find Mission.

Console: X-Box

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